Jodie Underwood


Jodie Underwood is a lighting designer with work spanning theatre, opera and dance. After graduating RADA with a first class honours, she launched into a career in lighting design and associating. Jo is particularly interested in working with new writing, and more unconventional theatrical forms.

Their credits include: Elixir (The Other Palace); Horse Play (dir. Andrew Beckett); The Paul Taylor Mills Summer Rep (Paul Taylor Mills); The Haunting Of Susan A, La Boheme (dir. Mark Ravenhill); Dirty Corset (Bang Average Theatre); Us, Aphiemi & The Friday Freedom Fighters (Pathway Theatre); The Man Who Though He Knew Too Much (Voloz Collective); Dick Whittington! (The big Tiny Theatre); La Princess de Trebizonde (New Sussex Opera);  Selected Recordings of Us (Undone Theatre); Their associate LD credits include Ride (Charing Cross, LD Jamie Platt), Dick Whittington: A New Dick In Town! (Above The Stag, LD Jamie Platt) and Catching Comets (Ransack Theatre, LD Matt Leventhall).

Selected work

Showcasing 5 Projects

The Haunting of Susan A

Written by Mark Ravenhill

Associate Director – Iman Qreshi

Designer – Simon Fraser

Lighting Designer – Jodie Underwood

Sound Designer – Roly Botha


Director – Jordon Stevens

Designer – Libby Monroe

Costume Designer – Ben Goulding

Sound Designer – Ben Paveley

Lighting Design – Jodie Underwood

Dirty Corset

Director – Helen Tennison

Designer – Ellen Wilson

Lighting Design – Jodie Underwood

Written & devised by Bang Average Theatre

The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much

Written and Devised by Voloz Collective

Lighting Design – Jodie Underwood

Sound design and composition – Freddie Waxman

Delta S

Director – Elen Benfield

Designer – Sam Ackerley

Lighting Designer – Jodie Underwood

Sound Designer – Dan Thompson