The Collective

The Lighting Design Collective

is a professional support network for emerging lighting designers offering them access
to the lighting equipment they need to fulfil their vision. We then add support, additional training as required, mentoring and building a support network around their talents for an initial period of twelve months. It is designed to lend a helping hand to a select group of lighting designers in this ever more competitive industry and to create a solid foundation for a successful career.

Who are 10outof10?

10outof10 Productions is a Lighting and Sound hire, sales and production specialist with
locations in Dunstable and London. Founded by lighting designer Paul Need, 10outof10 are
passionate about enabling theatre and performance to happen at every level, from the
school shows where most discover their passion for the arts, right through to the largest
performances in the most challenging venues.

Contact Paul Need for more information about The Collective or how to apply.

020 8659 2558

2023-2024 Lighting Designers

Carey Chomsoonthorn
Carey Chomsoonthorn
Tyler Forward
Brett Kasza
Ben Sayers
Jodie Underwood
Ben Garcia
Ben Garcia
Catja Hamilton