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Chauvet MK1 Spot Added to Hire Stock

Continuing our mission to move to LED lighting units we are pleased to announce that we have now added……

  • 24 x Chauvet PARHEX12 IP pars,
  • 16 x Coloursource LED profiles,
  • 16 x Robe LEDBeam 150s,
  • 8 x Robe DL4S profiles,
  • 24 x Chauvet MK1 Spots,
  • 24 x Chauvet MK2 Washes.

Chauvet Maverick MK1 Spots have been chosen to replace our Robe 600E spots.

Maverick MK1 Spot has an extremely flat field, CMY color mixing, a 5:1 zoom and multiple control options.

Powered by a 350 W LED engine, it features one static and one rotating gobo wheel, a 7 position + white color wheel, variable frost and 3-facet prism. It can be controlled with DMX, sACN, Art-Net, or W-DMX

Illuminance (7°): 34,282 lux @ 5m (33°): 2,097 lux @ 5m